Integrative Thinking: How Successful Leaders Think

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Integrative Thinking: How Successful Leaders Think
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08 September 2015
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Integrative Thinking: How Successful Leaders Think | Jennifer Riel | Managing Director | Rotman School of Management

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Ms. Jennifer Riel. What should you do when you feel forced to choose between two mutually exclusive, yet sub-optimal options? Most of us simply choose and live with the consequences. But is there another way? That is the question we will address in this session. We will explore how successful integrative thinkers have resolved the tension between opposing ideas to create new and better answers. Then, we'll reflect on the process of using integrative thinking for ourselves.

In this session, we will ask how leaders can actually use the tension between opposing models - different views of the world - to create better answers. When faced with clear either-or alternatives - between ideas, perspectives or people - how might we do something other than to simply evaluate and choose? We will explore the concept of integrative thinking, discuss some of the key tensions we face and explore how successful integrative thinkers create their new solutions. Finally, we will talk about the ways in which individuals can develop their own integrative thinking capabilities.

What you learn:

  • To understand the foundational concepts of Integrative Thinking, what it is and how it is practiced.
  • To connect stories of successful integrative thinkers to effective leadership and to one's own context.
  • Learn how integrative thinkers actually go about creating new value in the world.

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0 #1 Metwalli 2015-09-09 16:13
Thanks a lot for this Webinar... it is a brief, clear idea, but I have a lot to say about Modelling and Analytic Analysis and how much affected negatively our own way of thinking not only of the reality in which we live but also the way we understand the reality... through Modelling... it was the reason behind the scientific misunderstandin g of reality and the real SCIENCE....

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