Why Change is So Hard

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Why Change is So Hard
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06 October 2015
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Why Change is So Hard | Dr. Nicole Lipkin | CEO | Equilibria Leadership Consulting

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Nicole Lipkin. Adaptability is at the core of leadership and organizational excellence and success. However, at a literal level, human beings are designed to fight change at all costs. No wonder being adaptable is the most difficult part of being human and ultimately, the most difficult part of leadership and organizational life.

At the core of change is science: the science of the human mind. This webinar provides insight into the natural inner workings that inhibit our decision-making, judgment and flexibility when it comes to adaptability at the individual and organizational levels. With an understanding of the neuropsychology behind change resistance, leaders are better equipped to manage the individual and organizational change process.

What you learn:

  • The basic neuropsychology behind our resistance to change.
  • Psychological biases that tempt us to stay mired in the status quo.
  • Compelling research supporting the change process.
  • Solutions to tap into human plasticity to change and adapt.

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