How do you create value in the Health care Sector

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How do you create value in the Health care Sector
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02 November 2015
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How do you create value in the Health care Sector | Prof. Michael Chernew | Professor | Harvard Medical School

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Prof. Michael Chernew. All modern health care systems have struggled with rising health care spending growth for decades. Addressing this challenge requires understanding the causes of spending growth and strategies address it. Importantly those strategies must focus on eliminating waste and promoting value. This webinar will discuss causes of spending growth, methods of identifying waste and two potential strategies to reduce it.

With regards to identifying waste, a number of prominent medical organizations have established initiatives to identify wasteful services. We will discuss those initiatives and evidence regarding the prevalence of delivery of wasteful services.

Two broad approaches to eliminate and control spending growth will be discussed. They include supply side initiatives related to payment system and demand side initiatives intended to engage beneficiaries. Descriptions of these strategies and evidence regarding their impact will be presented.

What you learn:

  • To understand the causes of spending growth.
  • To explore tools to identify waste.
  • To understand supply and demand side strategies to control spending and spending growth.

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