How to Get More Accomplished in a Hectic Work Environment

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How to Get More Accomplished in a Hectic Work Environment
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04 November 2015
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How to Get More Accomplished in a Hectic Work Environment | Peter Wright | President | The Planning Group

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Peter Wright. In this engaging webinar, Peter Wright provides strategies to find an antidote to the feeling of being busier than ever, but never getting enough done. Every employee at every level has felt this. There is a growing trend across all sectors, and endless research supports the notion that our lives and our work are becoming more frenetic by the minute. The primary focus of this webinar is on helping individuals and organizations use better planning to make remarkable progress towards achieving goals, with less stress and less drama.

Are we actually busier or do we just feel busier? Has every generation of employees and managers felt the same way? By most measures, we are truly busier. We are being tasked with more variety, more thinking and more change as part of a macro trend in the developed world. As our business practices and organizational processes catch up with investments in IT, we are all faced with more cerebral and more challenging work. While technology and business practices are making organizations more productive, most of us are operating in a radically different operating environment using personal practices that worked for us in the past.

What you learn:

In this webinar, you will be introduced to 5 key principles to be more effective amid the "cognitive overload" of the modern workplace. In addition, participants will learn:

  • The basic research behind our new state of busyness.
  • How to find better balance at work.Why multi-tasking is a fallacy.
  • Simple advice for controlling your own agenda in a chaotic environment.
  • Tips for more effective prioritization.

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