How to Build an Employee Mentoring Program

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How to Build an Employee Mentoring Program
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05 November 2015
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How to Build an Employee Mentoring Program | Frank Russell | Chief Executive Officer | Prositions

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Frank Russell. Mentoring in the workplace is on the rise. When determining what a mentoring program is going to look like and how it will be managed, there are various options, structures and processes to consider. This webinar will explain the latest advancements in virtual mentoring, social media technology and how they are revolutionizing employee development and engagement. Participants will also learn how to take advantage of some of the latest tools and techniques to build effective virtual coaching and mentoring programs.

What you learn:

  • Top 5 benefits of successful mentoring and coaching programs.
  • Top 10 challenges of using traditional approaches.
  • How to increase active participation.
  • How to leverage virtual technology tools to increase effectiveness.
  • How to foster collaboration, improve retention and increase employee engagement using effective mentoring and coaching.

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