Leading Change Needs to Change

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Leading Change Needs to Change
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17 November 2015
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Leading Change Needs to Change | Dr. David W. Jamieson | Professor & Department Chair | Organization Learning & Development, University of St Thomas

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. David W. Jamieson. Leading change in today's world is not the same as it was in the past. When the environment was more stable, organizations were less global, workforces less diverse and management more control-oriented, planning and executing change was easier, more linear and slower. However, now change occurs more continuously, with greater uncertainty and faster. This leads to needs to approach change less incrementally, more rapidly, more cyclically (with act, learn, adapt cycles) and with higher levels of engagement across stakeholders affectedfor commitment and sustainability.

Organizations and their leaders will need to develop change capability internally (in people and infrastructure), use relationships and influence to engage stakeholders and partner with them in changing, learn quicker adaptation as systems and conditions change.

Most of the change fundamentals we have used for decades are still true and useful, but must be utilized differently in a different context and more rapidly. Leaders are critical in how change gets envisioned, positioned and led. Some specific aspects of leadership are more central in this new world, including relationship development, presence, influence and reflective action.

What you learn:

  • How leaders need to lead changes.
  • The fundamentals of good change theory.
  • How to design and lead change in today's world.
  • Why so many changes have traditionally failed.

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