4 Psychology Secrets that Improve Training by 300%

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4 Psychology Secrets that Improve Training by 300%
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14 December 2015
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4 Psychology Secrets that Improve Training by 300% | Brett Harward | CEO | Bitesize LLC.

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Brett Harward. Globally, over 300 Billion dollars is spent annually on corporate training that is only about 5-15% effective. Usually, learners must attend classes or login online, pay attention even when they are bored to tears or overwhelmed with content, figure out for themselves the relevance of what they are learning, sort through a fire hose of information, prioritize action steps, remember the content or review notes, implement well after the fact, and follow through and follow up. All of these behaviors run counter to basic human nature. And even though traditional training is only about 10% effective, companies continue making the investment because for most businessesthere is no greater return than improving skills and behaviors of their employees.

There is a better way! By leveraging neurology, psychology, and technology, we can increase training, learning and positive behavior change by an average of 300%. In this webinar, you will learn 4 simple steps to creating outstanding training that will stick. The Bitesize approach to learning and behavior change is backed by research and science. It is attracting large, progressive, global companies who are experiencing huge success as they incorporate it in their training culture. Industries like health care, financial services, and power and oil, are using this methodology to teach and influence both customer and employee behavior in positive ways.

This methodology works with almost any content. It can be used in both formal training settings as well as the small, informal, peer-to-peer settings that occur every day. It applies to both hard and soft skills. Even global thought leaders are converting their content to this format because it is markedly more effective than books, webinars and live workshops in transferring knowledge and shifting people's behaviors. In fact, you will probably instantly change how you and your organization teach and train as a result of attending this webinar.

What you learn:

  • Learn what's broken about our current training methods.
  • Learn how to format information in a much more absorbable way.
  • Learn what is the role of technology in this methodology.
  • Have a personal experience of the difference between traditional and Bitesize learning.

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