The 21st Century Organization

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The 21st Century Organization
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23 February 2016
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The 21st Century Organization | Dr. Philip A. Foster | Principal Consultant | Maximum Change

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Philip A. Foster. This webinar is based off of Dr. Foster's bestselling book The Open Organization. A New Era of Leadership and Organizational Development. Gower Publishing. ISBN: 9781472440112.

Change is all around us. It is part of our everyday life. As we exited the twentieth century we found a time of unprecedented change through the globalization of organizations and economies. This level of change impacts the way we understand the effects culture has on an organization's ability to achieve success. Organizational decision-making styles began to be influenced by generational and cultural attributes of the individuals within the organizational system. The advent of the Internet and other technologies began to link individuals across cultures; creating collaborations unheard of in centuries past. Through this reality, leaders are beginning to understand the impact a globalized economy brings to the doors of their organization. Economic, technological, political, religious and social pressures are moving us toward new changes at an unprecedented rate. The 21st century opened with volatility unlike anything we have experienced before. The century brings us to a new kind of organization increasingly comprised of individuals from differing cultural origins and ages. As the global economy arrives, leaders must now understand geography, language, customs, values, ethics, varying laws, and national psychologies. These skills, coupled with an understanding of technological changes will determine their level of success within the global marketplace. Leaders and their organizations must learn to move beyond their own worldview and open themselves to the complexities of the world that await them. These changes bear down on organizations to create a new kind of complexity. A new kind of organization - one that contains a distribute workforce - one in which efficiencies are no longer focused only on KPIs but also employee happiness. This webinar is designed to open up a new frontier of thinking which will leave the attendee asking the fundamental - yet pivotal question: WHAT IF?

What you learn:

  • Global Pressures moving us toward change.
  • What is changing.
  • Elements of a 21st century organization.

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