How to win and keep the right to be followed

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How to win and keep the right to be followed
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01 March 2016
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How to win and keep the right to be followed | Dr. Jesus A. Sampedro Hidalgo | President | Global Leadership Consulting

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Jesus A. Sampedro Hidalgo. Most leaders are interested in strategizing to develop sustained enthusiasm, loyalty and passion among collaborators; specially minimizing "unwanted relational surprises". Dr. Sampedro will examine how to build and sustain trust in leadership as an effort to bring relevance and effectiveness to the organizational realm in this particular age. Key findings of its trans-cultural, cross-generational and inter-organizational dimensions will be refered to. Built upon recent leadership research, and years of hands-on experience from the field, this presentation lifts up the voice for the urgency to alter the essence and practice of leadership through trust, especially through its key aspects such as: Character, Competence, Connection and Consistency; and asks what its development might offer in terms of improved relational dynamics, organizational effectiveness, and overall sustained relevance.

What you learn:

  • Explore trust in leadership and learn how it plays a key role in generating individual passion, team commitment, and organizational cohesion.
  • Discover perspectives on how trustworthy leaders build teams and organizations with increased and sustained effectiveness.
  • Distinguish key aspects to develop trust such as: Character, Competence, Connection and Consistency.

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