Organisational Learning for Corporate Earning

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Organisational Learning for Corporate Earning
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02 March 2016
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Organisational Learning for Corporate Earning | Prof. John Burgoyne | Professor | University of Lancaster

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Prof. John Burgoyne. This webinar will apply to public and third sector (charities) as well as private sector organisations. For the former target and goal achievement in an economical way will be the outcome in place of earning and profitability in the long term. This applies to organisations of all sizes.

The webinar will describe the central proposition that organisations will survive and thrive of they can become learning organisation. Evidence for this and case examples will be given.

Organisational learning will be described in terms of a core model of how this works and a description of eleven organisational practices that make it happen.

A diagnostic tool to assess to what extent an organisation is learning one will be described together with examples of its use.

This can be used to work out what initiatives should be taken to become a learning organisation. Steps to do this will then be described.

Participants will be given the opportunity to follow this up, via a consultancy arrangement, to run a learning organisation initiative where they work.

What you learn:

  • What a learning organisation is.
  • What the benefits of being one are.
  • How to take an initiative to achieve this.
  • How to take this forward as an initiative.

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