Are You a World Class Executive?

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Are You a World Class Executive?
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22 March 2016
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Are You a World Class Executive? | Dr. Mansour Javidan | Director | Najafi Global Mindset Institute

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Mansour Javidan. In this webinar, Dr. Mansour Javidan, Director of Najafi Global Mindset Institute will help you answer this question. He will share with you the results of the latest and largest study of over 1000 CEO's and over 5000 senior executives in 24 countries. He will show a comparison of the leadership styles of CEOs who are leading successful firms and those whose firms are falling behind their competitors. He will show the most important leadership styles that distinguish the superior and inferior CEO's most. He will present the seven mission critical leadership qualities that distinguish successful from unsuccessful CEO's. Dr. Javidan will then help you assess your own leadership style and identify actions that will improve your own style.

What you learn:

  • The key attributes of world class executive leaders.
  • The leadership attributes that distinguish superior executives from inferior executives.
  • The false distinction between leadership and management.
  • Actions to help improve your own executive leadership style.

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