Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits

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Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits
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09 May 2016
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Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits | Lorenzo Paoli | The Habits Coach | Novaxia

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Lorenzo Paoli. This webinar focuses on the formation of peak performance habits and strategies to become a natural peak performer in your field.

In a world where goal-setting rules as the leading strategy for business and personal matters, organizations are now understanding that goal-setting has great limitations.

In a complex, ever-changing world, the ability to recognize, create and change powerful habits makes all the difference, as habits multiply and expand positive - or negative - results, creating an "avalanche effect" and leading to cumulative advantage or disadvantage that sets us apart from the market.

Leaders in any field have powerful habits that multiply great results, making them seemingly unstoppable. Like sports champions, they have developed mental, emotional and performance habits that make what seems difficult, a natural part of their routine.

This webinar shows the construction of powerful habits that will bring you to another level of performance.

What you learn:

  • How to form powerful habits to become the leader in your field.
  • How to change ineffective habits.
  • The most important mental, emotional and behavioural habits for a peak performer.
  • How to de-construct and re-construct task-specific powerful habits for new challenges.
  • How to make peak performance natural and sustainable.

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