Trust & Value: How to Sell in Brutally Competitive Markets

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Trust & Value: How to Sell in Brutally Competitive Markets
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18 July 2016
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Trust & Value: How to Sell in Brutally Competitive Markets | Jeff Beals | Consultant

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Jeff Beals. Today's global business environment is simultaneously the best and worst in the history. It's the best because untold and unprecedented opportunity awaits savvy and sharp-eyed professionals. It's the worst because there has never before been a market so loud, crowded and full of competing distractions jockeying for your clients' attention. In this brutally competitive world, in which you are expected to consistently increase market share, cutting-edge products, good service and hard work are no longer enough. To succeed, you must somehow master the art of relationship selling in an economy that often feels unconducive to long-term business relationships.

Contrary to popular opinion, relationship selling is not dead. It has changed but is nonetheless alive and well. In this webinar, award-winning author Jeff Beals shows you how to win through relationship selling even when your clients are highly sophisticated, well informed and short of time. Successful sales-and-marketing professionals beat their competition by unearthing exactly what their clients value while building trusting, enduring relationships.

What you learn:

  • How to build trusting relationships with prospects and current clients.
  • How to identify buyers' key concerns and determine what they truly value without making assumptions.
  • How to use probing questions to find truths that lie many layers below the surface.
  • How to avoid the temptation to discuss the features and benefits of your offering too soon in the selling process.

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