ABC of Servant Entrepreneurial Leadership

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ABC of Servant Entrepreneurial Leadership
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31 August 2016
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ABC of Servant Entrepreneurial Leadership | Prof. Mark M. Michalski | Adjunct Professor | CUA

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Prof. Mark M. Michalski. The key elements of principled, modern leadership have been redesigned and refined over the past two or three decades. We know these principles as well as we know our ABCs. Yet the practice of leadership and its proper performance have been sorely lagging behind the many elaborate and otherwise excellent theories. We live in an age of instant information while experiencing an acute dearth and paucity of wisdom and virtues. We seem to know more and more about the leadership theories and less and less about its practices.

Why such disconnect and seeming paradox?

Do we know too little or too much in order to strike a perfect balance in the art and science of leadership? Could it be that the theories of leadership are very simple but its practice very difficult? Or, perhaps some other reasons might play an important role?

I argue that the answer calls for a virtuous, entrepreneurial and servant leadership. This webinar addresses these three essential and often overlooked qualities that every effective leader must combine, carry out and cultivate daily to remain an effective and excellent leader. Our common wisdom tells us that it is character through which leadership is exercised. Thus leadership comprises both content of character with quality of service in an entrepreneurial practical response to reality.

What you learn:

By adopting the key principles and the strategies outlined you will be in better position to overcome the common obstacles practicing effective leadership:

  • Promote Persistence: Build discipline and stamina to ensure continuous learning and growth in entrepreneurial service to others.
  • Inspire Commitment: Build insight and motivation so people focus their energy on the objectives and goals that matter most.
  • Forge Partnerships and Teamwork: Build trust and understanding so people want to work with you. With trust, everyone becomes willing to hear and act upon the message. With understanding, you will know what matters to others.
  • Shape your future by leaving a legacy in the environment you live in. Build organizational support to reward servant values and entrepreneurial initiatives, which are aligned with your overall mission, vision, and values.

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