How Prosperous Organizations Engage & Empower Conflict

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How Prosperous Organizations Engage & Empower Conflict
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21 September 2016
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How Prosperous Organizations Engage & Empower Conflict | Michael Walker | President and Head Coach | Legendary Coaching

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Michael Walker. Recent global human capital reports identify the need to be more intentional with how we engage organization design to build a culture of team driven collaboration, empowerment and innovation. As leaders it will require us to strengthen, re-engineer and improve our leadership capacities and in particular our conflict resolution and empowerment skills.

One of the most significant detractors to personal and organizational growth is conflict. We have all experienced conflict that is unhealthy, divisive and expensive and unfortunately these experiences have limited our appetite to empower healthy conflict.

With surveys telling us 8 out of 10 leaders have a fear of conflict and 9 out of 10 employees have experienced a conflict that conflict has negatively escalated it would be safe to say conflict is taking many leaders, employees, and organizations to places they don't want to go; in fact holding them hostage.

Even though we know conflict is inevitable and unavoidable, unlike death and taxes,it doesn't have to be fatal and costly! In this webinar we will share with you our proven recipe for engaging and empowering conflict in a prosperous organization.

What you learn:

  • How to engage their personal Conflict Management System to strengthen, re-engineer, and improve their organizational leadership and conflict resolution and empowerment.
  • How to empower their organizational Conflict Management System to build a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation.
  • How to inspire themselves, their teams and their organization to love what they do, love who they do it with and why what they do matters and makes a difference.

Everything you will learn in this webinar is about providing a catalyst for change to get a different outcome. My favorite saying is "Your system is perfectly designed to achieve the results you are getting" which means no amount of want to, hope or effort is going to change the results until we change the system. This webinar will give you your Next Right Step!

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