Building a Productive & Profitable Culture

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Building a Productive & Profitable Culture
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04 October 2016
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Building a Productive & Profitable Culture | Jared Lafitte | Coach | Lafitte Coaching, LLC

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Jared Lafitte. New research is helping to show the extensive effect culture carries over an organization. In this Webinar you'll learn what culture is (and more importantly, what it isn't), how it impacts employee engagement, retention, productivity, and why it's the single greatest determiner of your financial health and market potential.

You'll learn what great organizations do to shape their cultures, and you'll be equipped with thinking and techniques for making your own culture as effective as it can be.

What you learn:

  • Define and understanding your culture.
  • Bring different departments under one vision.
  • Rethink "values".
  • Strategize cultural change.
  • Understand the link between culture, engagement and productivity.
  • Assess your culture's financial and market impact.
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