Leading through Pain and Loss

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Leading through Pain and Loss
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26 December 2016
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Leading through Pain and Loss | Bonnie Poppe, CPC, SSCC, CLC | Owner | Life's Next Step Coaching

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Bonnie Poppe, CPC, SSCC, CLC. If you have been in leadership for any length of time, you already know that pain and loss are part of the equation. We get the metrics, graphs, and pie charts on our operations and pro forma statements, that reflect where we've been and where we would like to go. What we usually do not discuss is the cost of getting there. I'm not talking about the financial cost even though that will be part of what's discussed, I'm talking about the decisions that are made that effect those that rely on your leadership, which can take the shape of both pain and loss, for you personally and your organization.We will go through examples of individuals and organizations to see how pain and loss have driven transformation, innovation, corporate turnaround and profound direction for one's life. You may recognize these people and organizations; we are going to focus on them from a different angle. The more we understand all that is involved in leadership, the better prepared we can be when situations arise.There will also be time integrated within the webinar to share your own examples of pain and loss; how it affected the way you operate and how it has sparked growth in ways maybe not thought possible before. Many times, pain and loss become the catalyst to bring great change, that not only benefits our organizations, it benefits humanity.

What you learn:

  • How pain and loss bring forth transformation.
  • How challenges can be a catalyst for improvement.
  • How coaching could be valuable in that process.
  • How to value the benefits that pain and loss can bring.

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