Discovering the Art & Science of Leadership Thinking

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Discovering the Art & Science of Leadership Thinking
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21 February 2017
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Discovering the Art & Science of Leadership Thinking | David Creelman, John Cimino | Teaching Assistant Accounting and Finance/Islamic Finance Researcher | Tunisian Ministry of Higher education and scientific research

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by David Creelman, John Cimino

"Leadership without science is unconvincing. Leadership without art is uninspiring."

-Dr. Henry Mintzberg (paraphrased)

"Man is unique, not because he does science and not because he doe art. But because science and arts equally are expressions of his mind."

-Dr. Jacob Bronowski

Evidence-based practice is transforming medicine, education and clinical psychology. It is transforming management as well. However, there is a problem. The science of management doesn't engage the whole human being, it doesn't spark our passions, fire our imaginations or provide lift-off to our desire to act. For that we need something more visceral, more deeply and directly felt: this is the domain of the arts, that other half of our nature as human beings.

In this webinar we bring together two accomplished educators: David Creelman, a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence-based Management and John Cimino, President and CEO of Creative Leaps International. Together, they point to several practical habits of mind for adding depth and effectiveness to our leadership thinking, engaging both the scientific and artistic aspects of our natures.

What you learn:

  • Practical techniques for bringing science to decision making ("evidence-based management").
  • How to access the sensory richness and motivating energies of the arts to transform individual thinking, group processes and the spirit of enterprise.
  • How to cultivate and combine multiple ways of knowing, calling upon the sciences and the arts equally in our leadership thinking.
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