Managing in a Global Environment

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Managing in a Global Environment
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06 March 2017
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Managing in a Global Environment | Professor Dr. Marie-Therese Claes | Director of Executive MBA | Louvain School of Management

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Professor Dr. Marie-Therese Claes. For the modern day leader, the interdependence of nations and hyper-connectedness of experiences provide a source of great opportunities. Yet, these go hand-in-hand with great challenges, given the immense technological, methodological, social and cultural differences between nations.

It is important for business professionals to be able to embrace the wider world and recognise the value in cultural diversity, however appropriate leadership conduct varies widely across cultures, and in fact there is no one best way of managing in a global environment.

What you learn:

  • There is no one best way of managing in a global environment.
  • Management styles and practices are diverse.
  • How to develop cultural intelligence.
  • Cosmopolitanism and identity.
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