The Digital age is not what you think!

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The Digital age is not what you think!
02 May 2017
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The Digital age is not what you think! | Ade McCormack | Digital strategist

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Ade McCormackThe industrial era, for all its benefits, has relied on humans behaving as process-driven machine components. That is changing as we enter the digital age. Organisations that recognise this reality and take action will thrive, despite the unheralded uncertainty and volatility we are experiencing.

This highly original presentation will make the case for this hypothesis, and will share with you a framework for structuring your organisation such that nature becomes your business partner. It will also highlight how business models, talent, leadership, culture and risk management are evolving.

What you learn:

  • Why the digital age is much more than the industrial age 'amped up on tech steroids'.
  • How the nature of work, workers and leadership are changing.
  • Why the current approaches to risk and culture need to be rethought.
  • How to capitalise on our anthropological drivers to create successful enterprises.
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