Public Private Partnerships Practice and Implementation

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Public Private Partnerships Practice and Implementation
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26 August 2013
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Public Private Partnerships Practice and Implementation | Dr. William P. Kittredge | President Cervelet Management & Strategy Consulting

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. William P. Kittredge. The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) webinar is for those who would like to get into action rightaway. The webinar assumes some knowledge of PPP, therefore it will focus on implementationand case experience, rather than theory.


The webinar focus on PPP as it is implemented today around the world. Beginning with theeconomic rationale, providing insights why a government might seek a PPP that are valuable inmarketing to governments and agencies, the seminar goes on to describe the many ways in whichPPP are being implemented globally.

 Critiques and cautionary lessons from global experience are thoroughly covered, so that participantscan intelligently discuss their proposals with government procurement officials and address theirconcerns during contract negotiations.


Contract renegotiation, frequently a necessity given the 20-60 contract terms that are common inPPP, is covered in detail, with specific reference to the political, legal and moral hazardimplications. Armed with this information, private contractors are able to provide for theseeventualities early on in the developing relationship with the government agencies and officials.

 Finally, the unique relationships that develop between the private and public partners over the longtermand their implications are covered using recent case examples.

 All material referenced in the presentation is made available to participants in electronic form, sothat they can easily follow up or get more detail, in areas that are of particular interest.

 This webinar developed and presented by Cervelet's President, Dr. William P. Kittredge, whose over 30 years of alternating government and private sector service provides him with a wealth of information and personal experience.

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